Have you lost your important iphone data?

Looking for the software which will safely make backup of your iphone data?

Do you want to backup your iphone songs, videos, pictures to PC?

The iphone is the latest version of Apple Inc. and its one of the demanding among all mobile phones. The iphone is an elegant device with a sleek interface, modern design touches, and top-quality music and video features. It has more functions than ipod like multi-touch screen functionality, internet enabled, digital camera and more…iphone has a very large memory space of 8GB and 16 GB which stores many videos, songs, photos, pictures, songs, attachments, games, e-mails and other applications. Since, iphone stores large amount of data so there are more chances of losing the data. And what can you do when all these music, videos, songs will setup in a condition of loss from your iphone.

Due to the virus attack or any type of physical damage of the memory you can lose your essential data. Have you came across a situation of data loss problem if not then you can suffer from it might be in future. You can make prepare yourself by making data backup of iphone.To wipe out this astonishing situation you should need a iphone backup tool. This software will make your important data save in computer securely. You can easily do the backup of contacts, backup SMS, backup songs, back videos and everything you want to with this very software.

Some of the features of this very software are listed below:-

  • As an excellent backup tool for iphone this software helps in easy transfer of iphone data to PC.
  • Supports managing of iphone data, import and export of files among devices and PC.
  • Easy to operate and install.
  • Auto scans your iphone device.
  • Very user friendly and transferring, editing and searching are very simple.

If you are in a mood to prevent your data from losing then you should definitely go for backup tool for iphone. This very tool is the perfect solution for all your data loss hassles. Apart from transferring iphone data to computer you can also transfer iphone data to itunes and can make back up of your iphone data. But this itunes can make backups and restores iphone data but not all data such as attachments, themes, photos, etc. When you will import songs from iTunes then you might come in a situation of synchronization and you might lose songs from your iTunes library. So at that very point of time you will not be able to do anything without panicking. So if you don’t want to panic then opt for this very backup tool for iphone. This iphone backup tool is easy to use and doesn’t require any technical knowledge. You can go for it without any second thought.


Install and launch iPhone Backup Software from quick installation wizard.Connect iPhone to your system. It will show the listings of file from the iphone


Select the files you want to backup and then click on Export button


After clicking on Export button you can select backup to computer or iTunes directly.In this step you can set the Output folder at Advanced->Options before you transfer


In this step you will be shown a window which show that 'Export Finished. Now you can se the content from the stored location

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