Fix iPhone Backup Error 20 While Using iTunes

iPhone is a highly popular device which is used not only for making calls but also for listening music, watching songs ad playing games. However, iPhone users frequently come across iPhone corruption due to its frequent use. So, it is necessary to regularly backup iPhone data to a safe location so that you can easily restore the lost iPhone data when required in situations of critical data loss. For backing up iPhone data, iTunes is the most perfect option but sometimes, you may encounter problems while using it and come across errors like iPhone backup error 20.

Let us consider a practical scenario in which you are trying to backup iPhone data at the time of upgradation using iTunes, but the syncing process fails thereby giving the following error message:

ITunes could not backup the iphone because an unknown error occurred (-20)


One of the most probable reason responsible for the occurrence of iPhone backup error 20 is the presence of firmware update issues on your iPhone. This error can also occur due to corrupt existing backup on your system which is conflicting with the existing backup. This error is really very severe as it can result in complete inaccessibility of iPhone data. So, it is better to backup complete iPhone data to secure places so that your data is not lost.


In order to resolve iPhone backup error 20, you can go to Edit-Preferences option in iTunes and within the devices tab, choose the device backup you wish to delete and select Delete option. As you delete the old iPhone backup, immediately create a new one.

In case the problem still exists, you can go for third-party iPhone backup tool which are especially designed to perform backup of your iPhone data in a easy and hassle-free manner. These third-party applications are especially built to backup your critical iPhone data easily and efficiently. Moreover, these applications possesses an extremely user-friendly and interactive interface which allows even non-technical users to easily operate it.

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