Fix iPhone error 23-On Your iPhone

iPhone is a highly advanced smartPhone used by people for making calls, sending texts, email messages, playing music and videos, browsing Internet and so on. People generally use iTunes for interfacing iPhone with computer. But, iTunes is a bit slower and sometimes fails to backup your critical data. In some cases you may get error messages like iPhone error 23, which shows that iPhone is not working properly.

If you are having backup of your iPhone data, you can efficiently tackle all types of data loss scenarios as you can easily restore your lost or deleted data from the backup. On getting iPhone error 23, your iPhone fails to work and you will also get different types of error messages on your iPhone.


You can get rid of this problem if you will restart the iPhone in DFU mode. After restarting in DFU mode, you can backup as well as restore the iPhone files. In order to manually access the DFU mode, firstly connect iPhone to the computer with the help of 30-pin USB connector. After that use the 'Power' button, for switching off iPhone. Thenafter, hold the “Home” and “Power” buttons for near about 10 seconds. Release the “Home” button while you are pressing the “Home” button till your computer is capable of detecting the iPhone as a USB device.

For restoring your iPhone data, connect your iPhone to computer and go to iTunes. After that choose iPhone in the left side and click on summary tab in iTunes Window. Thenafter, choose “Restore” and “Backup” for saving your music and click on Restore for restoring your iPhone.

However, it is possible to avoid such problems or iPhone error 23, if you use third-party iPhone backup applications. These third-party applications are highly efficient and capable of backing up your critical iPhone data. iPhone contacts backup tool is another advanced application which helps you backup your iPhone contacts. These applications are having highly interactive and user-friendly interface which allows even non-technical users to easily operate it.

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